Corrus Cloud Services

We build cloud infrastructure and applications based on business objectives and stage of cloud-readiness. Our multi-disciplinary approach helps customers take informed decisions and achieve desired outcomes.

Cloud Advisory

We provide consulting and advisory services for your cloud computing initiatives and ideas. We present relevant business, technical, commercial and legal/statutory facts that help your make informed decision and plans.

Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering services give shape to the Applications, IT Infrastructure or Collaboration tools that you envision. With our design and development skills at your disposal, you can focus on outcomes and leave the heavy-lifting to us.

Runtime Success

Runtime Success services help get your organization cloud-ready and productive after service roll-out. Our experts help you adopt and manage your cloud environment so that you're cloud-ready and productive.

Cloud Advisory Services

Cloud Advisory services help your business embrace the cloud through an informed and well-documented process. Our Cloud Services Consultants engage stakeholders and perform an in-depth analysis of your environment and requirements. Our domain expertise will help you identify opportunities as well as mitigate against common risks associated with the cloud transitions. Our advisory services ensure great business outcomes; without any post-deployment 'surprises'.

    • Cloud Project Appraisal
    • Good decision-making on cloud projects begins with an objective analysis of its real impact on business. We do detailed techno-economic analyses so that customers understand the expected technical and commercial outcomes of their cloud initiatives.
      • Comparative Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis
      • A comparative economic analysis between on-premises and various cloud platforms on offer is a crucial starting point for cloud initiatives. The comparison of on-premises and cloud models (or between competing cloud platforms) is based on enterprise priorities, IT maturity, favoured cash-flow models and anticipated growth, among other factors.
      • Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
      • ROI analysis in the evaluation stage is valuable to businesses deciding to migrate or adopt new platforms and applications. Besides being a decision-support tool, our analysis aids the measurement of IT costs and benchmarking of associated productivity indices.
      • Subscription Model & Licensing Mix
      • We help customers understand cloud licensing as offered by service providers. We help customers differentiate services and purchase only relevant SKUs & Suites.
    • Cloud-readiness Assessment
    • We undertake detailed assessments of cloud-critical infrastructure and dependencies. With years of field experience and our in-house discovery tools, we ensure that gaps are identified early and mitigated in the solution design.
      • Infrastructure Assessment and Client Census
      • A detailed assessment of current Infrastructure services like Indentity & Access, network topology and prevalent client/ device user populations is carried out. We also catalog OS, database and middle tier infrastructure dependancies.
      • Cloud Dependency Mapping
      • Cloud architectures are dependent on standardized internal and third party software and hardware environments being enabled by customers. We document service relationships and dependencies to alleviate risks during and after deployment of cloud/ hybrid solutions.
      • Application Assessment
      • We review existing business applications to enable a transition from traditional tightly coupled architectures to the scalable and loosely coupled cloud service model. We also assess application architectures for transition to PaaS, IaaS or SaaS deployment models.
    • Discovery & Scoping
    • Expectations from cloud solutions vary with each customer depending on their industry, internal/ external processes and legal & statutory environment, among others. Further, different user groups within the same organization might have differing expectations from the cloud. We involve all stakeholders in the process to ensure that the end-state/ solution has a positive impact on business.
      • Business/ IT Requirement Mapping
      • We help businesses identify priorities and initiatives that can benefit from cloud economics and technology. We gather IT requirements; find gaps in infrastructure, tools and licensing that can be moved to the cloud.
      • Cloud Service Comparison and Suitability
      • We help customers compare cloud services and make informed decisions while choosing between multiple vendors. Our consultants use technology evaluation workshops to explain the detail in cloud service descriptions.
      • Legal and Statutory Risk Analysis
      • As part of your evaluation or audit process, we review the legal or statutory ramifications of your business adopting cloud computing.

Cloud Engineering Services

Cloud Engineering services fulfill a wide range of needs required by businesses to take advantage of cloud technologies. This includes prototyping, developing cloud-based applications and integrating enterprise infrastruture with cloud services.

    • Cloud Application Design
    • Enterprises are increasingly looking to the cloud to host applications in a number of scenarios; new product launches, M&A, testing custom applications for scale and much more. We offer our full lifecycle services leading with assessing your application landscape. We design applications for performance and agility - with the end goal of maximizing uptime and reducing costs of operations.
      • App Design & Development
      • Corrus Cloud help you design and develop business apps and deploy the same on cloud or hybrid environments.
      • Application Data Management/Porting
      • User Experience Design
    • Elastic Infrastructure Design
    • Infrastructure in the cloud opens out a myriad of opportunities for business to tap the promise of agility and helps improve cash flow. Cloud helps you scale up and down as business demands and IT becomes a true enabler. Our consultants can design and configure cloud infrastructure at your desired pace with near zero disruption to business.
      • Infrastructure Design & Deployment
      • Includes Network, Bandwidth, Virtual Access, Identity / Access Management, Optimization & Sizing
      • Ops Insights & Automation
      • Includes Virtual Network Design, Identity Design, Server Sizing & Optimization, Hybrid Modelling, Governance, High Availability
      • Custom Enterprise Service Design
      • Includes Backup and Recovery Service Design and EMS
    • Staging & Prototyping
    • The cloud allows you to rapidly develop ideas, test them and take to market. Our consultants can configure proofs of concept and build prototypes for you to visualize the solution and make critical design decisions for your cloud-enabled business applications and infrastructure.
      • Proof of Concepts
      • Test out new ideas and run trials on the cloud with minimal effort and no hassles.
      • Rapid App Prototyping
      • Work with our designers to wireframe and develop of business application concepts and ideas.

Runtime Success Services

Our mission is to harness the power of the cloud. We understand the challenges and opportunities in every stage of cloud adoption. Our deployment, adoption and management services ensure successful cloud transitions and consistent, hi-fidelity performance over time.

    • Service Adoption
    • Kickstart your service usage of any workload with a comprehensive plan, training resources and guidance for a flawless migration and org-wide adoption.
      • Service Adoption Campaigns
      • We can help you orchestrate the launch of new cloud services (e.g.: Yammer, OneDrive for Business, and others) or custom applications and workflows that you build on the cloud. Our campaigns help you make a positive business impact - by promoting usage of new cloud capabilties and productivity tools.
      • Adoption Planning
      • Ensure a planned rollout of new services with attention to technical requirements, user communications and device/ client readiness, among others.
      • Collateral & Resources
      • We compile and update educative learning resources targeted at end-users, power users and administrators. Corrus Cloud also delivers training content to all proficiency levels to ensure that cloud services are used to derive the benefits of cloud computing.
    • Cloud Varsity™ Training
    • CloudVarsity™ Training from Corrus is meant for various audiences across multiple levels of proficiency in using cloud technologies. The content is designed to make audiences productive and proficient in cloud computing.
      CloudVarsity content is compiled from platform vendors or developed in-house and is delivered to audiences by subject-matter experts.
      • CloudVarsity™ for Experts
      • CloudVarsity Training is targeted at IT and developer audiences. CloudVarsity content is developed by industry experts and periodically updated to keep up with platform changes.
      • CloudVarsity™ for Users
      • Introduce end users to cloud computing; the Cloud Varsity for Users is a training program that explains new tool capabilities, usage guidelines and limitations of their cloud-based infrastructure. We also provide self-help resources and adoption kits as part of this program.
    • Managed Cloud Services
    • Managed Cloud services offer customers a virtual team that helps manage public cloud services like Office 365 and Microsoft Azure as well as cloud-hosted custom apps.
      • CloudWrench™ Techdesk
      • CloudWrench Tech Support provides assistance to enterprise administrators on technical and cloud service issues at runtime.
      • CloudWrench™ Opsdesk
      • CloudWrench Opsdesk is a collection of scheduled and unscheduled tasks that require service management, cloud licensing and or scripting skills, among others.