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Corrus Cloud services help you adopt cloud computing to make your business more agile, productive and connected.

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Corrus Cloud solutions make businesses more productive, agile and customer-ready.

Workforce Productivity

Create a modern workplace for your employees and equip them with the latest cloud-powered tools. Enable your workforce to work and communicate efficiently, securely.

Agile Business

Take your ideas and business processes to the cloud. Develop digital campaigns faster and deploy on-demand.

Elastic IT

Adopt PaaS and IaaS flexibility. Control your operating expenses for infrastructure and launch new services.

We are a cloud services company

Corrus Cloud helps businesses experience the transformative potential of cloud computing.

Cloud Advisory

We provide consulting and advisory services for your cloud computing initiatives and ideas. We present cloud-relevant business, technical, commercial and legal/statutory considerations that help you make informed decisions and plans.

Cloud Engineering

Shape the cloud to suit your unique vision and business requirements. Our design and development teams can deliver the cloud infrastructure and applications that you envision.

Runtime Success

Our deployment and adoption services are designed to help you realise your cloud vision. Our experts configure and setup cloud services and train users to get them cloud-ready and productive.