Corrus Cloud Services

Corrus Cloud's enterprise cloud solutions cover a wide range of business needs and requirements. Our enterprise solutions create opportunities for customers to use cloud computing for enhancing their products and operations.

Cloud Productivity Solutions

Modern Workplace

Adopt a cloud-powered digital platform for all your users and enable advanced collaboration tools with enterprise-grade data security & compliance.

Enterprise App Portfolio Solutions

Business Apps & Automation

Transform your business with cloud-scale capabilities and resilience. Build new apps for digital operations, launch customer portals & experiences and decision support systems.

Elastic Infrastructure Solutions

Elastic Infrastructure

Expand your secure enterprise platform on the cloud using PaaS and IaaS flexibility. Manage your IT services better, meet internal SLAs and optimize your cloud operations.

Modern Workplace Solutions

Create a modern workplace for your employees and equip them with the latest cloud-powered tools. Enable your workforce to work and communicate efficiently, securely. Customize your deployment of business productivity services to suit your business and industry needs.

Business Apps & Automation Solutions

Cloud services allow businesses to reduce the time and effort needed for new initiatives to take off. We can help you get agile by building new business apps, modernizing your infrastructure and helping you provide enterprise-grade services to your customers.

Elastic Infrastructure Solutions

Adopt PaaS and IaaS flexibility for extending your enterprise IT services. Control your operating expenses and optimize operations of your cloud infrastructure.