Corrus Cloud Services

We serve a wide range of customer needs and expectations through our enterprise solutions. Our experience in developing applications and enterprise infrastructure throws up a number of interesting ways your business will benefit from cloud computing.

Cloud Productivity Solutions

Workforce Productivity

Create a modern workplace for your employees and equip them with the latest cloud-powered tools. Enable your workforce to work and communicate efficiently, securely.

Agile Business Solutions

Agile Business

Take your ideas and business processes to the cloud. Develop digital campaigns faster and deploy on-demand.

Elastic IT Solutions

Elastic IT

Adopt PaaS and IaaS flexibility. Control your operating expenses for infrastructure and launch new services.

Productive Workforce

Subscription-based cloud productivity tools allow greater control over operating costs and remove traditional barriers to providing world-class services for employees.
Cloud productivity services enrich your business by providing tools for content creation, workflow management, analytics & insights, social collaboration and enterprise communications and much more.

  • Cloud-Powered Workforce
    • Cloud-Powered Workforce
    • Adopt cloud-powered productivity platforms and stay current with world-class office productivity infrastructure. Our solutions increase employee and process efficiency by creating a collaborative and connected workplace.
      • Productivity Platform Deployment & Migration
      • We deploy to move part or all of your business to a common productivity platform. Apart from setup and configuration of cloud capablities, we train users and administrators to derive real productivity increases.
      • Platform Customization & Integration
      • We customize cloud applications and capabilities to your organizational requirements. We also help you connect your internal and line-of-business systems with your productivity platform.
  • Unified Communications & Enterprise Social
    • Unified Communications & Enterprise Social
    • Unified Communications tools increase the velocity at which your business decides, acts and responds to the market. Corrus Cloud provides services to help setup, configure, integrate and manage the cloud-based communications that you choose to roll out for your workforce.
      Enterprise Social Networking Tools like Yammer help you encourage the creation of internal communities and collaboration groups for better groupwork.
      • Unified communications deployment & adoption
      • We provide expertise in setup and configuration of Unified Communications capabilities stretching from advanced email capabilities to real-time communications tools for multi-party IM and conferencing. We integrate business applications with enteprise communications and create closed-user-group capablities for enterprise voice and video.
      • Enterprise social networking deployment & adoption
      • Enterprise Social Networking has come to the mainstream of enterprise IT by providing a method to create a participative digital community that creates content and collaborates contextually. We not only provide assistance to deploy services (like Yammer) properly, we also ensure that your users get the awareness and familiarity with using the network as part of their everyday workday.
  • CloudVarsity™ training for Users
    • CloudVarsity™ training for Users
    • CloudVarsity for Users is a unique user adoption and training program that not only helps your end-users get feature-familiar with applications but also trains them on being productive users of the collaboration platform. We provide training and adoption material for both novice and experienced users.
      • Cloud/ Office productivity adoption training
      • CloudVarsity instructors provide detailed understanding of enterprise collaboration methods, real-time communication best-practices, file and document sharing and co-working, among others.
      • Cloud/ Office productivity power user training
      • We offer several workshops for power users of cloud productivity tools. Our content covers a wide range of topics; advanced training on content creation tools, producing insights/ dashboards, creating digital communities, among others.

Agile Business Solutions

Cloud services allow businesses to reduce the time and effort needed for new initiatives to take off. We can help you get agile by building new business apps, modernizing your infrastructure and helping you provide enterprise-grade services to your customers.

  • Cloud Apps
    • Cloud Apps
    • Cloud computing platforms allow businesses to build applications with lesser time and resources. Our team of cloud architects, developers and managed service specialists help you design, develop and manage the cloud-hosted applications that are critical to your business success.
      • Build your business apps on the cloud
      • Our design and development services help you bring to life the line-of-business applications that you envision. Corrus Cloud Engineering services help translate your business requirement into integrated apps and datacenter resources that are configured to your specification.
      • Transition legacy apps
      • Modernize your application landscape by migrating to the world of loosely coupled architectures and open, interoperable frameworks. Corrus offers application assessment, redesign/ recoding and migration services to help you upgrade from your old (and with time risky) application infrastructure.
      • Use familiar dev tools/ environment of choice
      • Corrus Cloud views the cloud as a continuum for enterprise developers and helps internal development teams shift their creative energies to the cloud without impacting their productivity. To that end, we provide services for training/ re-training and for creating cloud infrastructure that will support your development needs and practices.
  • Customer Engagement
    • Customer Engagement
    • Corrus Cloud helps businesses acquire and retain customers by using cloud computing resources. We enable better customer management through the implementation of cloud-based CRM systems. Our digital marketing campaigns and events help you reach customers in innovative new ways.
      • Develop customer-direct applications
      • We help you devise new ways to engage with your customers. Create new customer experiences through cloud-hosted apps, manage loyalty programs or develop mobile experiences.
      • Run digital marketing campaigns with custom apps
      • We can help you design and execute end-to-end digital marketing campaigns. Whether it's a new product launch or preparation for an approaching holiday season, we will provide the tools and the plan to engage and attract new customers across digital media.
      • User-centered, cross-platform mobile apps
      • We enable a wide variety of mobility scenarios for employees and for customers. We design and develop cloud-hosted mobile applications that work across popular mobile OSs and development stacks. We also offer design services to migrate your legacy apps to open, standards-based architectures and modern mobile user interfaces.
  • Mobility Solutions
    • Mobility Solutions
    • Cloud services provide unprecedented mobility to employees and meet enterprise concerns around data security and device management through their SLAs. Apart from setting up critical mobility infrastructure and platform components, we design and deploy your apps to cloud platforms of your choice. We offer a range of connected device and location-based solutions with support for popular today's popular device platforms (Android/ iOS/ Windows).
      • Build your mobility and access infrastructure
      • We will help you set up the critical pieces of infrastructure that will help you provide secure mobility experiences for employees. We ensure your mobility infrastructure design is standards and cloud-platform compliant, scalable and secure. Depending on your internal environment and mobility use cases, we deploy accessory infrastructure and integration with LOB systems for an end-to-end solution.
      • Build and deploy apps that work across devices
      • Cloud platforms today support a wide variety of mobile development platforms and frameworks. On the user side, a wide range of device form factors and OS platforms are jostling for space. We design app experiences that work across devices and provide a great user experience.
      • Integrate with diverse enterprise assets/ information stores
      • One of the key elements of creating mobility assets is the ability to provide secure access to internal IT assets. We use existing industry-standard data interchange frameworks or in certain cases build standards-based connectors to ensure that your IT assets are securely exposed to mobile users.

Elastic IT

We help you use cloud services to expand, modernize or refactor your enterprise IT environment. Cloud service platforms offer great flexiblity and almost unlimited scale for enterprise IT to meet internal SLAs.

Corrus Cloud helps businesses adopt optimal strategies in moving or building enterprise infrastructure on the cloud. Our solutions cover technology platform decisions, compatible cloud/ hybrid architecture and integration with other internal/ cloud infrastructure.

  • On-demand Cloud Infrastructure
    • On-demand Cloud Infrastructure
    • When it comes decisions on building/ extending enterprise IT infrastructure, cloud computing provides clear benefits; pay-as-you-use economics, ramping up/ down based on seasonality and built-in redundancy, among others.
      Our cloud services help businesses design and deploy a diverse range of foundational enterprise services like federated identity, unified communications, oollaboration sites and file stores, access control, storage, compute, analytics, web & mobile services, among many others.
      • Cloud Infrastructure Deployment
      • We assist customers in choosing a cloud platform, testing with on-premises systems,(hybrid) architecture design and deployment services.
      • Integration and customization in Hybrid cloud environments
      • Complete business and technical solutions often need solution providers to go the extra mile to integrate with a diverse and dynamic range of enterprise services. We implement industry standard integration solutions or in cases build new integration components to provide solutions suited exactly to customer's requirements/ environment.
  • CloudVarsity™ for IT Professionals
    • CloudVarsity™ for IT Professionals
    • CloudVarsity™ is a training service offered by Corrus Cloud that comprises courseware for a wide range of topics, proficieny levels and learner types. CloudVarsity™ for IT Professionals is expert-level content that includes topics around cloud service development, technology and service management.
      • Administrator Training
      • Dev/ Admin/ Architect training
  • Managed Cloud Services
    • Managed Cloud Services
    • Managed Cloud services offer customers a virtual team that helps manage public cloud services and cloud-hosted business apps and IT infrastructure.
      • CloudWrench™ Tech Support.
      • CloudWrench OpsDesk